Electronic Box Version D
Electronic Box Version D
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Electronic Box Version D

Code: 361-924 - Brand: Axel Joost
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€ 195,98 VAT inc.


This electronic box controls the main functions of your motorcycle in combinations with push buttons.


  • flasher control with button or a switch, auto flasher off function and emergency flasher
  • low and high beam with 2 buttons or a switch and low beam dim modus adjustable
  • ignition relay and motor off with 1 or 2 buttons
  • horn
  • brake light control or user programmable dim function of the rear light
  • 8 status leds at the outputs give a visible response of the power outputs

The power outputs are short circuit protected with an implemented self reset function. The several functions are user programmable and can be changed at every time. Just press the horn button while switching on the power to the D-Box and your are in the program mode. A one time emergancy flash will indicate the program mode. A press on the right or left indicator button will switch on or off a small showflasher function. A press on the horn button will switch to the second program option. So, you can easily program your own setting with 8 steps.


  • dimensions: 50x42x12mm
  • power consumption: 7mA
  • body material: shock resistant ABS plastic, waterproof
  • connections: 0.5mm for input, 1mm for power output, about 20cm cables
  • max temperature range: 100°C
  • max current: 20A, short circuit protected.


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