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After have been spending many years cultivating our passion for classic bikes we decided to get in the game creating a new on-line store for distributing a variety of products that reflects our philosophy: “to convey emotions with a unique style that evokes the past and enhances brand identity”. That's how OFFICINE08 was born!

Our goal is to give a chance to the customer to live an experience that satisfies the personal desire for exclusiveness, making the bike a real lifestyle: all with a particular attention to the world of vintage motorcylces, to the realisation of specials and cafe racers and to vintage style.

We want to be a reference point for the customer: a place where you can find everything you need to modify, customize and make your motorbike unique!

Our catalog offers a wide range of spare parts and accessories of the best brands, of which a good part always in stock.

OFFICINE08 branded products are handcrafted items realised in limited series with the greatest attention to the smallest details.