Frequently Asked Question


Can I place an order without first creating an account?

Yes, you can place orders on our shop without necessarily creating an account.

Why create an account?

By creating an account on the shop you will be able to view the status of your order and the history of old orders, download the invoices of all orders placed and create a virtual garage.

I do not remember the password of my account, can you send it to me?

Our operators do not have access in any way to your personal information. If you lose the password please do not create a new account but recover the old one by following the procedure at the following link

I would like to delete my account

You can cancel your account at any time by submitting a support ticket.

Can I change my account information?

Yes, you can change your personal information at any time. To modify the data of your account you must log in your ''Private Area'' and click on ''My Personal Information''.

I want to change my shipping address

You can change your address in your private area, selecting "Personal Data".

I want to subscribe to the Officine08 Newsletter

Sign In Register to our Newsletter by clicking here and enter your email.

I don't want to receive your Newsletter anymore

To unsubscribe from the Officine 08 newsletter just go to your Private Area and in the section My Personal Data and Unsubscribe to the Newsletter


How can I place an order?

The only way to place an order is to buy directly on the shop online: the system will follow you step by step until the end of the order.

Can I combine more than two orders?

At the moment it is only possible to combine two orders.

I need a copy of the invoice.

You can download a copy of your order directly from your ''Private Area'': please log in, click on ''My Orders'' and select the order.

How do I merge two different orders?

Basterà effettuare un nuovo ordine utilizzando lo stesso account del primo: al momento della scelta del metodo di spedizione, il sistema rileverà in automatico che ha un ordine "Aperto" dandole la possibilità di scegliere se unire gli ordini o lasciarli separati. Unendoli andrà così a risparmiare il costo della seconda spedizione.

Do I need to create an account on the website to place the order?

You do not need to register in order to buy on; simply click on the button ''Buy'' within the product page and follow the steps required to complete the purchase process.

Do I need to achieve a minimum amount to complete the order?

No, there is no minimum purchase.

How do I know if my order has been successful?

Once completed the order, you will receive a confirmation email to your address; please also check the ''Spam Box''. If you do not receive any email please log in your "Account".

How do I check my order?

To check your order you need to log in your ''Private Area'', select ''My Orders'' and you will find the list of all your orders.

How do I know my order status?

To check your order status you need to log in your ''Private Area'', select ''My Orders'' and you will find the list of all your orders.

Can I place an order by phone?

No, it is not allowed to place an order by phone; every order must be placed on our web shop.

Can I change an order already placed?

It is always possible to modify your order until it is processed: no changes are possible once you receive the e-mail alert of order status modification ''In Processing'' or ''Sent''.

How do I change an order?

If your order status is still ''Waiting for products'' or ''Waiting of Payment'', and you want to modify or delete a product code please log in to your "Account" and send us a request via ticket;

Can I cancel an order already placed?

It is always possible to cancel your order until it is processed: no changes are possible once the order status is ''Processing'' or ''Sent''.


How can I pay my order?

You will find all the payment methods listed on the page ''General Policy''.

Payment via Credit Card is safe?

Yes, every payment made to is protected by SSL encryption technology; all information entered during the purchase process are compliant with privacy regulations. The navigation on our website is secured by various controls spam and virus.

Can I pay an order at the time of the withdrawal ?

It is not possible to pay for an order at the time of on-site pickup: all orders must be paid for prior to pickup.

I paid by bank money transfer immediately after the checkout, why the status of my order is still ''Awaiting for Payment''?

The payment of the order by bank money transfer requires 3 to 5 days before being displayed by the administration.


Can I ask more information about a product?

To request more information about a product just use the form inside each product page.

My bike is not listed in the table of compatible models, how to ask for more information?

It's possible that a product is still suitable for a motorcycle model even if not present in the compatibility table: to make sure just use the form inside each product page.

All the products in the catalog are your new?

Unless otherwise stated, all products on sale on are new.

Why the picture on the website shows a product different from the one on my bike?

Some product peges in the catalog have pictures indicative of the category and not that of the actual product. To be sure the product fit your motorcycle please always referr to the "Motorcycle Fitment" table.

Is it possible to make changes and customizations to products?

Yes, it is possible to modify different types of products such as fiberglass tanks by customizing them with a cap different from the one with which it is supplied, adding the transparent strip to control the fuel level or the vapors vent: also the saddles can be modified both in length and in width. It is advisable to check the product description to know how the requested products are supplied and the possible modifications that can be made. All possible modifications and customizations must be specified by the customer at the time of order in the field ''Notes''. Normally, the changes involve a price increase that varies according to the changes made.

Do you have all the products available in stock?

We try to have the largest number of products but not all the products are always in stock: there are currently over 15.000 products ready for shipping.

How do I know the real availability of the warehouse?

To know if a product is available in stock please log in to your "Account" and send us a request via ticket; to avoid errors please indicate us the product code and the quantity required.

Can I buy a product not in the catalog?

If you want to buy a product not shown on our online shop, please log in to your "Account" and send us a request via ticket: we will do our best to find it as soon as possible.

Return and Warranty

Can I return a product already received?

Yes, you can return products within 14 working days from receipt of goods unless they have been used and/or damaged by the customer during any tests. The costs of returning goods are the sole responsibility of the customer unless the goods are different from those specified in the product description. The return of the product is not permitted for products that have made changes specifically requested by the customer.

How do I return a product?

Before you send us one or more products received you must submit your return request. To do this simply log in your ''Private Area'', click on ''My Orders'', select the product or products to be returned in the order and fill in the return form. In case you have placed the order without creating an account just register on the website using the same email address you have used to place your order then follow the procedure described above (the system automatically associate previous orders).

Can I return a product without following the return procedure?

No, you can not send products back without the return has been accepted by the administration. Packages sent without authorization (and therefore did not follow the procedures indicated above) will be returned to sender.

What should I do once accepted the return request?

Now you can send us the product; we recommend to pack the parcel so that the material arrives intact. Inside the package must be added to the complete product all parts and accessories in the original packaging at the time it was received. Outside the package must be affixed to the label with the return reference, that you will receive on your email. Packages arrived without identification tag or one of the parts listed above will be rejected and returned to the sender.

Can I return simultaneously two products purchased in two different orders?

Yes, you can return two products related to two different orders; please follow the precedure described previously.

How will I receive my refund?

The refund is made with the same method in which it occurred the payment of the order; it will take place as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after receiving the notification of recess.

All products on your catalog have warranty?

Every products on sale on are subject to 2 years warranty for individuals and 1 year for retailers and/or VAT holders, except for products belonging to the category ''Used Products''. The time limits start from the time products have been received.

What should I do to make a warranty claim?

If the product received does not meet the characteristics described and/or presents a damage or defect please login to your "Account", chose the right order and select "Make a Return for This Order".


Do you have a price list for dealers?

We have a list dedicated to companies with a valid VAT operating in the motorcycle sector and accessories. To gain access to it you need to complete the form at the following link and forward us a copy of the Certificate of Business Profile recent (no more than 90 days). Following the control of your data you will be notified of the assignment list thereafter you can buy products on the shop with discounted prices.

What are my benefits of signing up as a reseller?

In addition to the basic discounted price list and other price lists with additional discounts based on annual turnover, resellers can count on immediate and continuous technical assistance from our support team.

What is the discount given to dealers?

The discounts will vary depending on the article and the annual volume of purchases; once you activated the reseller account you can access your private area using the email address and the password you chose when registering at


Once I complete my order how long do I have to wait before receiving the goods?

Inside each product page are indicated days of waiting valid in case the ordered product is not in stock. Since in reality most of the products sold are in stock, 90% of orders are sent before the days shown.

How do I know when my order will be delivered?

As soon as your order is delivered our management system sends an automatic email alert to your address; the mail shows all the details of the shipping besides the link to the page that allows you to track at all times the pack.

Can I specify a shipping address different from the billing?

Yes, you can change the shipping address on the order form.

Can I check the products before to accept the delivery?

No, you can't chack the products. The Courier does not give the chance to open the package before the delivery has been accepted; for any problem with the goods received, please contact us sending an email to [email protected].

What if the Courier does not find anyone at the time of delivery?

Every Courier we use for the door-to-door delivery service is obliged to make two consecutive delivery attempts; if the first attempt is unsuccessful the Courier will leave a written notice at the delivery address. This communication give the customer the certainty that the next day the Courier will attempt the delivery for the second and last time.

What if the Courier deos not find anyone for the second time?

After the Courier made both delivery attempts without success, the package is sent to the storage for several days at the nearest warehouse.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we do ship abroad. The costs vary depending on the Country of destination of goods; for shipments to European Countries the associated costs are specified in the order.

Do you ship outside of the European Community?

We ship all over the world; to know the cost of shipping in non-EU countries please add all the products you would like to order in your cart then select your Country. Remember that the costs charged by Officine 08 to customers in non-EU countries include only the costs and expenses of Italian customs clearance; once the goods will reach the Country of destinatione, each customs applies a different rate depending on the country of residence (not including the costs incurred during the order made at Officine 08).

Can you send an order by ordinary Post instead of using the Private Courier?

Every shipment is made by Private Courier GLS, FedEx or SDA to ensure a better service delivery.