Your Garage on Officine08

Now you can add your bikes in the garage of Officine08. Select Brand, Model and Year of your motorcycles and add them to the Garage.

What advantages do I have?

By adding to the Garage your bike or bikes you can make targeted searches and discover the products dedicated to the bike. In addition, in the private area of "Your Garage" you can enter the nickname of your bike and notes.

The project "Your Garage" is just the first step, we are working to make it even more powerful, most likely soon will be possible new features, including the ability to allow you to attach one or more photos of the bike in the Garage. We will evaluate the possibility of creating a Gallery of the most beautiful bikes of Officine08 customers.

How it works?

Garage Officine08 is reserved for customers who are registered on the website and logged in (Click here to login or register).

Garage Officine08 is available with all its functions in your reserved area: Your Garage. Here you can add your motorcycle(s) inside the Garage.

How do I find compatible products?

Use the filter "Your Motorcycle" at the top of every page to set up a targeted product search.

Browsing the catalog you will see this message (the message is only demonstrative, it varies depending on your selected bike).

Otherwise, if there are no compatible products in the category you are viewing, the site will show you all the products and the message:

You can remove the filter of "Your Bike", always at the top, by clicking on "Remove Filter".

My bike is not listed among the possible choices, how do I do?

We have included many bikes, brands, models and years... but we are aware of the vastness of the market, so we have created a tool that will allow you to report your bike. From Il Tuo Garage search "Add a Bike to the Garage" you will find a button "My bike is not there" that will allow you to communicate with Officine08 indicating your bike.

Please send us more complete data Brand, Model, Year, Series, etc. ... We will let you know as soon as the bike will be inserted on Officine08 and you can add it to your Garage.