Fork cartridge Triumph Trident 660 YSS Road pair
Fork cartridge Triumph Trident 660 YSS Road pair
Fork cartridge Triumph Trident 660 YSS Road pair - Pictures 1
Fork cartridge Triumph Trident 660 YSS Road pair - Pictures 2

Fork cartridge Triumph Trident 660 YSS Road pair

Code: CO208-710TRC-02 - Brand: YSS
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Brand Model Year
Triumph Trident Trident 660 ABS - L101 2021


YSS Road upside-down fork cartridge kit with linear springs: modern design and state-of-the-art technology. Complete fork cartridge kit with high and low speed compression adjuster with two knobs and 30 clicks of adjustment: the adjustments allow you to fine-tune the compression for every track and weather condition. It also has a 30-click rebound adjuster to find the best setting for every race condition on fast and slow corners: to find the optimum balance for the bike, these fork pumps have a spring preload adjuster where you can adjust the spring preload. The external reservoir contains nitrogen on a floating piston that separates the oil from the closed cartridge system, ensuring optimum grip and smooth traction on every track. All forks feature DLC coated inner tubes for less friction and smoother traction at all times, and together with long lasting seals we ensure the best performance you can get.

YSS Road fork cartridge kit features:

  • high and low speed compression adjustment with 30 clicks via two knobs
  • rebound adjuster with 30 clicks to find the best setting
  • adjustable mechanical spring preload: 15mm
  • external nitrogen-filled reservoir on floating piston separating oil from closed-cartridge system
  • linear type springs: length 315mm, hardness 10N/mm
  • recommended oil characteristics: viscosity 5W, level 150mm
  • fully reversible fork cartridge kit: assembly changes and fully serviceable

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