Electronic box M-Unit Blue Motogadget

Electronic box M-Unit Blue Motogadget

Code: 361-963 - Brand: Motogadget
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  • Material: Alluminio Anodizzato
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The new m.unit blue has moved on from the established previous version by undergoing significant development and improvements. It is now equipped with 12 inputs and 10 outputs, replaceable high-quality cable clamps and, most notably, Bluetooth®. This enables the m.unit blue to be connected to our m.ride smartphone App. This feature is unique for motorbike accessories.
The m.ride App manages the entire setup and alarm system. Fault diagnostics can also be performed during operation and without having to remove the m.unit. The secure, encrypted Keyless Go function can also be used.
When this function is activated and you approach your motorbike with your smartphone, the on-board electrical system is activated and the motorbike is ready to be started.
The m.unit blue is the digital control unit for your motorbike – the heart of the entire on-board electrical system. It can be operated using buttons or using conventional handlebar switches. It controls all necessary components on the vehicle while also performing fuse functions.
There are considerably fewer relays and individual components in the wiring harness and the vehicle can be rewired with less effort in a very short amount of time.
When using the m.button, all switch connections are reduced to one single cable.

Features wthout smartphone and m.ride App:
• Complete digital control using buttons possible with 4 or 5-button operation.
• Complete replacement for the fuse box. 10 independent circuits are digitally monitored and switched off if there are faults. After the fault is rectified, the safety function is automatically reset.
• Integrated alarm system that can be installed in any position.
• Integrated, digital flasher relay that is load-independent, automatic switch-off optional and can be set, m.wave mode can be selected.
• Integrated hazard warning light.
• Turn signal can optionally be set as a positioning light.
• Integrated parking light and headlight flashing.
• Lo-beam and Hi-beam (up to 200W switched capacity) can be controlled using only one button.
• Integrated, digital brake light modulator, flashing mode can be programmed.
• Acceleration-controlled emergency brake light (automatic warning signal).
• Integrated starter relay for the starter system with solenoid (up to 30A switched capacity).
• Intelligent and configurable management/switch-off of power consuming devices so that the maximum starting energy from the battery can be used when starting the motorbike.
• Integrated, digital horn relay.
• Two configurable additional outputs AUX1 and AUX2.
• Diagnostics function for assigning inputs, outputs, the circuit switching status, short circuit diagnostics etc.
• Calibration and current measurement enables faults to be detected on all lamps.

Features with smartphone and m.ride App:
• Encrypted connection via Bluetooth® LE (Low Energy) for manipulation protection and lower smartphone and m.unit blue energy usage.
• Keyless Go (the on-board electrical system is switched on when you approach the motorbike with your smartphone).
• Alarm events are sent via Bluetooth® to the App (with date, time, vehicle on the floor etc.).
• Alarm system mode and sensitivity can be adjusted.
• The on board voltage can be monitored in the App.
• Diagnostics on all inputs and outputs, current, voltage and device temperature measurement.
• Real-time audio fault messages issued via the helmet headset.
• Outputs can be switched manually via smartphone (except for starter).
• Firmware updates provided anywhere via smartphone and App without removal.
• Setup menu can be configured anywhere via smartphone and App without removal.
• Speedometer input for comparing the vehicle mileage with m.ride can be used for vehicle management with automatic alerts for maintenance tasks, the condition of the tires, chain, brake pads, oil, operating fluids, spark plugs etc.
• Logbook for recording journeys and displaying the vehicle status, alarm events and maintenance tasks.
• Parking position display and Ping! for help locating the vehicle.
• LIN bus connection for connecting to compatible motogadget products at a later date.

The m.ride App is now available for Android (from version 6.0) and for iOS (from iPhone 5) shortly thereafter. The modern Bluetooth® LE is used to couple the m.unit blue with the smartphone. This requires certain requirements for the smartphone’s hardware.

The following Android models are currently compatible:
• Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, S6/S6 Edge, S5/S5 Neo, Note 4, Note 5, Tab A (2016), Tab 4 7.0, Tab S2 10.5
• Google Pixel/ Pixel XL, Nexus 5/5X
• LG G4/G5
• Sony Experia Z3 Compact
• OnePlus 3/OnePlus 3T
• Huawei P9/ P9 Plus

We intend to make further smartphone models compatible in the next few weeks. Further information on the App can be found at mride.de or in Google Play.

Scope of delivery: m-unit blue, 50cm connecting cable for battery positive terminal with 10mm² cross section, cable eyes, 3xM5 stainless steel bolt and 2 nuts, 1xspeed sensor with 2 magnets, detailed installation and operating instructions

Dimensions L/W/H: 101x61x28mm
Weight: approx. 180g
Fastener: 2xM5 stainless steel bolts (installation and ground connection), 1xM5 screwing contact for battery plus
Operating voltage: 6-20V
Operating temperature: -20°... +80°C

1 x input (+12 V switched) for ignition lock or m.lock
11 x control input (minus/switched to ground) for: left and right turn signal, low/high-beam, starter, horn, brakelight, kill switch, side stand switch, LIN bus, AUX1 snd AUX2

10 x Outputs (+12V) for: left and right turn signal, low and high beam, starter, horn, brakelight, ignition, AUX1 and AUX2

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Made in Germany


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Electronic box M-Unit Blue Motogadget Electronic box M-Unit Blue Motogadget
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buongiorno ho gia scritto, in risposta mi avete consigliato alcune alternative al mio acquisto e' possibile avere un numero di telefono per poter parlare direttamente e fare la scelta migliore? mille grazie
from maro, May 29, 2018
Se le torna può inviarmi il numero a cui contattarla così da poterla chiamare il prima possibile.
salve per ducati monster del '94 ho acquistato una strumentazione motoscope pro abbinata a due pulsantiere a tre bottoni ora per collegare e far funzionare il tutto cosa mi manca? gentilissimi grazie
from maro, May 27, 2018
Per far funzionare le spie della strumentazion Motogadget Motoscope Pro bisogna utilizzare la Breakout Box completa piccola o grande, a seconda delle funzione che l'impianto elettrico della moto permette di utilizzare: clicca qui per visualizzare il link oppure clicca qui per visualizzare il link. Se vuole utilizzare i pulsanti Motogadget per comandare anche le frecce basta un relè come questo clicca qui per visualizzare il link mentre per i fari deve utilizzare una centralina come la M-Unit clicca qui per visualizzare il link oppure una alternativa tipo questa clicca qui per visualizzare il link.
Salve vorrei sapere se può essere montata su una ducati st2
from Nico, April 29, 2018
Si, le confermo che questa centralina può essere montata anche su Ducati ST2.
Salve. ho una 883 Iron, da iniezione passata a carburatori. Questa centralina può sostituire la centralina vecchia Bypassando quindi i sensori di battito motore, debimetro ecc? regola tutto una volta montata o serve l’appoggio della vecchia? Grazie
from Manenti Mario , February 19, 2018
Questa centralina gestisce solo quello che riguarda la strumentazione e i vari componenti elettrici tipo fanalino posteriore, frecce, faro anteriore, comoandi al manubrio...per quanto riguarda l'accensione, nel caso di una modifica come la sua, ha bisogna di una centralina che le gestisce l'accensione, la fase ecc. Noi ne abbiamo un modello specifica per Harley di cui le allego la foto. Nel caso fosse interessato la prego di mandare una mail a support@officine08.it.
Salve ho una triumph bonneville t100 2001 vorrei acquistare la munitblu, mbotton e m switch mini. Servono anche i relativi rele per far funzionare fari e frecce analogici (non led)? Mi consiglia il cablaggio elettrico m unit? grazie
from franco, November 24, 2017
L' M-Unit stessa sostituisce sia i relé che la scatola fusibili. Non fa differenza se l' impianto luci è a led o alogeno. Il cablaggio MotoGadget è consigliato ma non indispensabile.
ho letto che puo' funziona con android e IOS , su google play e' disponibile ma non trovo da nessuna parte l'app dedicata per IOS?
from Christian, September 25, 2017
Ecco il link all' applicazione m.ride per iOS:

clicca qui per visualizzare il link
Salve vorrei montare la m.unite blu con i comandi manubrio e frecce sempre by motogadget. Sareste cosi gentili da informarmi su quali comandi dovrei acquistare insieme alla centralina, frecce e cavi? E eventuali relè digitali? La moto è una z400 1977
from andr3ax88, August 29, 2017
Se intende comandare tutti i dispositivi tramite le pulsantiere MotoGadget dovrà acquistare anche i relativi relè (per poter comandare con pulsanti dimanici i dispositivi che in realtà sono statici): quello per i fari clicca qui per visualizzare il link e quello per le frecce clicca qui per visualizzare il link.

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