Ultrasonic cleaner Triton 0.7L
Ultrasonic cleaner Triton 0.7L

Ultrasonic cleaner Triton 0.7L

Code: TRUSR070 - Brand: NoBrand
  • Availability: Discontinued
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Grey
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The article to be cleaned is put into the water-filled basin. The ultra sonic waves cause cavitation on the article's surface. The tiny gas bubbles implode immediately and the pressure waves generated by this remove dirt efficient and sensitive. Outer dimensions: 175x110x145mm Tank dimensions: 150x85x65mm Tank volume: 0.7Lt Power supply: 220VAC Ultra sonic frequency: 40kHz Ultra sonic power: 50W Timer: max. 30min Fill the ultrasonic cleaner with warm water (at least 2/3 of the max. volume). Nearly all waterproof articles of your daily use can be cleaned as long as the may get contact with water and cleaning solution like dish cleaner, vinegar etc. We do not recommend to put jewelry with cemented gems into ultrasonic cleaners. Metals with polished surfaces should be cleaned without detergents - otherwise their surface can become discoloured. As this ultrasonic cleaner has no heating function, using the basket is optional. Plese don't give any inflammable liquids like gasoline or equiv. into the ultrasonic cleaner! Ultrasonic cleaners are not suitable to remove corrosion. According to the items that have to be cleaned, it may be necessary to add sufficient special detergent for the individual material. The top cover does not close completely if the basket is inside the tank but this has no influence on cleaning results or safety of operation.


Ultrasonic cleaner Triton 0.7L Ultrasonic cleaner Triton 0.7L
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salve ma ci sta'dentro un carburatore su questa vasca?? dalle misure mi sembra piccolo
from Luca, February 27, 2018
Questa vasca è la più piccola tra i modelli che abbiamo a catalogo. Ovviamente dipende dal tipo di carburatore: se mi invia le dimensioni posso controllarle.

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