Chain and sprockets kit Honda CB 750 Four K -'75 DID
Chain and sprockets kit Honda CB 750 Four K -'75 DID - Pictures 1
Chain and sprockets kit Honda CB 750 Four K -'75 DID - Pictures 2

Chain and sprockets kit Honda CB 750 Four K -'75 DID

Code: 820-166 - Brand: DID
  • Available in: Discontinued
  • Material: Steel
€ 169,45 VAT inc.


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Brand Model Year Ratio
Honda CB CB 750 Four K0 - CB750 1969-1970 Stock
Honda CB CB 750 Four K1 - CB750 1971 Stock
Honda CB CB 750 Four K2 - CB750 1972-1975 Stock


DID chains are extremely strong, durable and efficient: high efficiency combined with smooth, fast reaction to load changes and high resistant to deformation and stretching. The secret behind the astonishing performance of these chains is DID's exclusive hardening process for the pins: this special treatment produces an extremely hard surface layer, while maintaining a softer inner core. These chains combine extreme impact resistance with efficient shock absorption. The specially shaped sealing rings and doubling the number of sealing points has the effect of safeguarding far more effectively against lubricant loss, and also provides optimum protection against dirt and rust.

ESJOT produces sprockets using steel meets or exceeds highest OEM requirements: the high tensile strength of this material guarantees extreme long life. The aluminium sprockets are exclusively produced with hardened aeronautical aluminium to guarantee the highest quality in conjunction with complete milling on CNC machines. All ESJOT aluminium sprockets are anodized. Special tooling guarantees a super accurate cutting surface: the material is highly condensed in the area of the teeth flanges. All sprockets are made from the best German steel to obtain a continued high quality product.

Final transmission kit with original speed ratios:

  • chain DID 530 VX 100 links with rivet: grey color
  • sprocket Esjot 48 teeth: black color steel
  • pinion gear Esjot 18 teeth: grey color steel

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Buon giorno questa catena è adatta a un cb 750 f1 super sport del 1976?
from Valentino , October 29, 2023
No, questo kit di trasmissione è adatto solo per i modelli Honda CB 750 Four K prodotti fino al 1975 ma le allego il link al kit di trasmissione corretto per la sua Honda CB 750 F1 SS my 1976 click here to view the link
ciao mi servirebbe un pignone di 15 e una corona di 47 per un honda 750 rc 06, se vi serve il libretto ve lo mando
from dino, July 26, 2023
Non si preoccupi con la serie motore è l'ideale. A quanto mi risulta la corona a 47 denti non viene prodotta ma le allego il link ai vari ricambi della trasmissione adatti per la sua Honda CB 750 Custom serie RC06 tra cui troverà vari modelli di corona e il pignone con 15 click here to view the link
Vorrei sapere se vendete anche solo la catena per Honda cb four 750 del 72 e se la stessa ha la maglia di chiusura con la forchetta o bisogna avere lo strumento per chiuderla?
from Nicolastel, February 9, 2017
Questo il codice per la sola catena 883-102 click here to view the link, con maglia da rivettare
from Officine08, February 9, 2017

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