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Free wheel service kit Kawasaki Z 1000
  • Free wheel service kit Kawasaki Z 1000 - Pictures 1

Free wheel service kit Kawasaki Z 1000

Code: 275-051 - Brand: NoBrand

€ 40,57 € 38,95 VAT included You save € 1,62 (4%)
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This product is compatible with the following models:

Spot your bike inside the assigned model list
  • KAWASAKI GPZ 1100 - ZXT10B 1981-1982
  • KAWASAKI GPZ 1100 Unitrak - ZXT10A 1983-1985
  • KAWASAKI Z 1000 1978
  • KAWASAKI Z 1000 A 1977-1979
  • KAWASAKI Z 1000 J 1981-1982
  • KAWASAKI Z 1000 LTD 1981-1983
  • KAWASAKI Z 1000 MK II - KZT00A 1979-1980
  • KAWASAKI Z 1000 R 1978-1980
  • KAWASAKI Z 1000 ST - KZT00E 1979-1980
  • KAWASAKI Z 1100 - KZ10A 1981-1983
  • KAWASAKI Z 900 A 1974-1975
  • KAWASAKI Z 900 A4 1976

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